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Most Common Adult Models
XR3 or XR3se
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Heavy Weights/ Strong Athletic
Pro7 or Hybrid XR/Pro
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Kangoo Jumps Boots Kids

For the Kids! (100lb Max)
3 Color Options
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"After first using the Kangoo Jumps on the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk (see video here), I have been convinced that they are an excellent way for people to safely exercise for Fitness, Weight Loss & FUN!! Former runners whose knees are bad often tell me that they never thought they would run again...until they tried on a pair of Kangoo Jumps. Up to 80% of the impact is absorbed by the patented design. Now you can Have Fun Jumping Into Fitness!"

Darren Rieck -

"Thanks for introducing me to Kangoo Jumps.
They are the best, I love them As a former Mr. Universe I am always looking for new and fun ways to stay in shape.
Kangoo Jumps are now my favorite cardio exercise As a Fitness Pro I am always researching innovative and effective ways for my clients to get fit.
Kangoo Jumps are it! They are the best all around exercise in the Universe!!!"

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are a low-impact rebound exercise that are FUN to use! Read Testamonials and see the Videos. Choose from various model options: XR3, Extreme or Athletic PRO, Hybrid XR-Pro or the Power Shoe for Kids. JumpBoots will also custom design a pair for you! Try toting your JumpBoots around with the convenient KJ Bag for easy transport! Need even more proof that these will be not just FUN to use, but are Great Exercise?...Read various University Studies. Wondering about Sizing Options, Model Details? We also make available Upgrades or Maintenance Parts. JumpBoots have been around for many years & are backed by 1 Full Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects.

Now both Individuals and Business's can Distribute KJs

JumpBoots are Safe & Easy to Use for Men, Women and Children

Whether you are a seasoned Weekend Warrior or are just begining to get your exercise routine started, the JumpBoots make the whole process Easy to Do (less than 15 minutes to get used to them) and Safe To Use (the jumping mechanism has built in safety release to prevent ankle or leg injury).

Jump Boots give you a great feeling! Jumping in these boots offer an unmatched feeling of lightness, power and thrill!

Though very easy to learn and do, Jump Boots make you feel great while you get in shape.
They can be used for indoors or outdoors and will not hurt floor surfaces.

The bottom of the shoe is made of durable plastic and able to withstand usage on pavement.

They are available in shoe sizes 3-15. Each pair of shoes comes with 1 pair of bands and other bands can be ordered.

Jump Boots are fun. They not only train and strengthen, but they are the most exciting exercise concept around and your body doesn't feel the impact or joint strain!!!

Jump Boots give you a trampoline effect so you can vertically jump higher.

kangoo jumps boots sizing chart 1 year manufacturers warranty for Kangoo Jumps models ......JumpBoots Benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Health & Energy
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Classes & Bootcamps
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Lymphatic System
  • Joint Protection
  • Weight Loss ......More on Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes:
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