Kangoo Jumps USA Official Site: Black Orange Pro7 Rebound Boots Shoes Shipping Included!!


Kangoo Jumps Pro7 Shipping Included!!  :This is the Heavy Duty, Unisex model that is ideal for stronger, heavier people to rebound exercise. Suitable for teens and pre-teens that can fit into adult shoes as well. Designed for those weighing 150 - up to 250 lbs; (Xsmall, Small & Medium max 220lbs....Large, Xlarge 250lbs max). For Beginning Exercisers to the Very Fit. Those who are injured, had surgery, been inactive or are generally more "fitness timid" may be able to use XR3 at the heavier weight limits where those who are stronger and athletic minded may use Pro7 at lighter then minimum weight suggestions.

Pro7 Orange ***Coil Springs Included
Available: M, L, XL