Kangoo Jump Rebound Shoes: Kids PowerShoe Red Shipping Included!!


Kangoo Jumps Power Shoe Shipping Included!!  :This is the Original, Kids Model...Suitable for children and pre-teens that weigh under 80lbs max Power Shoe - Kids Only Max Weight 80lbs*

* Weight varies based on the strength of the child using this model.

The benefits of rebound exercise apply to kids as well as adults. The primary difference is adults use Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes for (fun) exercise while children just want to have fun! Kids programs are designed to not only keep them interested in being active, but also emphasize the fun associated with jumping and rebounding. The Jump Boots are a fantastic way to incorporate both. Some children are stronger and may also weight more than others...these children may benefit more with the adult XR3 models that can be adjusted for lighter weights. Small kids sizes are the same as adult X-small. Large kids sizes are the same as the adult Small.


PowerShoe Blue
Available: S, L