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Secret to Success for a Fitness Olympian

She's done it again. After a 14 year layoff from the sport, IFBB fitness & figure competitor Jenny Worth is back in the spotlight as a contender in the 2018 Fitness Olympian. An ongoing success story that has ups and downs in life and career, Jenny has been involved in some sort of fitness from an early stage. An internet search quoted from Wikipedia; "a competitive gymnast at the age of 7, and competed until joining the track, cheerleading, cross country running and weight lifting team" in high school. She started competing in 1998 and became the first competitor to ever compete in the same year of turning pro that same year. jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots Originally from Florida, Jenny has worked her way to Los Angeles and into the elite fitness competition after becoming a mother and despite adding years to her life with a series of injuries. She gained 85lbs during her pregnancy and, as quoted from a recent interview from Digital Muscle Media "I have back problems. I have a degenerating disk, I have an out-of-place vertebra, I also have a disk bulge of 5 millimeters. And, I'm recovering from a shoulder injury".

Then I found the very low-impact Kangoo Jumps from JumpBoots and I haven't stopped using them for my calorie-burning workouts several times a week since.

Now they are one of her secrets to success...cardio work with Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes-boots from JumpBoots. I first met Jenny in Venice Beach as she trained on the Venice Boardwalk with a class of clients using the JumpBoots rebounders in an outdoor exercise group. Her competitions have helped her to become a recognized name in the fitness world and her personal training list has continued growth with clients successfully achieving their goals of weight loss to perfecting their body for competing themselves. Jenny not only uses JumpBoots for her own cardio workouts to lean up for her competitions, but she gets her clients bouncing along. Her current Gym in Signal Hill is called NO Limits and her classes fill up fast with eager clients wanting to get some of that Jenny Magic that allows them to look their best. Her classes can also be found at the beach working outdoors overlooking the ocean where crowds of onlookers watch in awe. jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots Her recognition with the Group Fitness classes has not gone unnoticed by those in the industry as she and her clients have become known as "Jennergy Jumps" with regular videos of her classes streaming on her Instagram chanel ( and is in works with JumpBoots to have her classes featured on to a focused audience of thousands of Jumpers who are looking to follow her specialized exercise routines from their home. Jennergy has also performed and been featured several times live on stage to open the Venice Muscle Beach summer shows as well as Fitness Fairs in Orange County. In addition to using the JumpBoots, Jenny has helped other fitness instructors start their own classes spreading from Orange County to Whittier California (Alchemy Fitness) and in Miami Florida (Body and Sole Miami). Any Group Fitness instructor who wants to begin their class should contact Jenny as well so she can help get you started in the right direction (
There is no telling where this will continue to lead, but JumpBoots rebounding will most likely play a big part of her success. Enjoy her enthusiasm and get inspired through watching or following along her Jennergy class workouts. To get your pair of JumpBoots rebounding boots, use the following link to enjoy Free Shipping and a Free Carrying Bag with your purchase that helps support her movement in the fitness industry ( Good Luck Jenny and keep up the fantastic work! jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
Personal Stats

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 107 lbs.
Measurements: 34-27-36

jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
jenny worth uses kangoo jumps boots
Competitive history

  • 2018 Tampa Pro 1st Olympia Qualified
  • 2018 Chicago Pro 3rd
  • 2018 Miami Pro 3rd
  • 2017 Tampa Pro -3rd after a 14 yr break
  • 2003 Fitness Olympia - 10th
  • 2002 Fitness Olympia - 3rd
  • 2002 Show of Strength - 3rd
  • 2002 Fitness International - 2nd
  • 2001 Fitness International - 1st
  • 2001 Fitness Olympia - 2nd
  • 2000 Fitness Olympia - 3rd
  • 2000 IFBB Jan Tana Classic Pro Fitness-Overall
  • 1999 IFBB Fitness Olympia - 9th
  • 1999 IFBB Midwest Pro Fitness Classic - 1st
  • 1999 IFBB Italian Pro Fitness Classic - 6th
  • 1999 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Fitness Classic - 2nd
  • 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia - 10th place
  • 1998 IFBB Midwest Pro Fitness - 2nd place
  • 1998 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Fitness - 6th place
  • 1998 NPC USA Fitness Championships - Overall Short Class (IFBB Professional Qualifier)
  • 1998 NPC Florida State Fitness Championships - Overall
  • 1997 3rd Annual NPC Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic - Overall
  • 1997 NPC Team Universe Fitness Championships - 5th place
  • 1997 NPC Women's National Fitness Championships - 14th place
  • 1996 NPC Southern USA Fitness Championships - Overall
  • 1996 NPC Tallahassee Fitness Championships - Overall
  • 1996 NPC Junior National Fitness Championships - 2nd place
  • 1996 2nd Annual NPC Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic - 3rd place
  • 1996 NPC Women's National Fitness Championships - 14th place
  • Article by Darren Rieck,

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