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Kangoo Jumps rebound boots_shoes for Instructors, Trainers & anyone interested in Rebound Training Instruction for small groups and classes.

Buy your boots and all parts from JumpBoots at the LOWEST prices anywhere...shipped with NO shipping mark-up!
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  • More Experience than Anyone on the Planet!
    We've worked with 100's of small, US Businesses!
  • JumpBoots started before the Manufacture Training Representatives
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  • Training Available from our Rebound Trainer Network (RTN).
  • We have US trainers all over that can come to you or go to them.
  • Free Class Listings and No Cost Advertising.
  • Be included in our RTN by purchasing from JumpBoots.

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    kangoo jumps certification usa license
    kangoo jumps certification usa license distributors
  • Unlike others, we NEVER require your signature!
  • Best prices are with multi-orders!
  • JumpBoots offers training and assistance to help you succeed! * JumpBoots recommends, but does not require that group leaders & instructors obtain their Group Fitness Certification.
  • CALL: (310) 848 - 8685
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    kangoo training in usa
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    Trainers & Small Groups can take advantage of Special Pricing to outfit 1 on 1 or group training. Let JumpBoots with 20 plus years of experience in working in the Rebound Fitness Industry help make your program a success!

    Classes & Rentals are a growing business and JumpBoots can help you take advantage of Rebounding to promote fitness and well being. Make Rebounding a profit center for you and your location!

    CALL: (310) 848 - 8685
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    Kangoo Classes
    JumpBoots currently supplies Kangoo Jumps rebound boots_shoes & parts to over 55 gyms/trainers/instructors all over the US.

    JumpBoots is the largest supplier in the World and proud of our expertise allowing us to enable and support our network for all fitness individuals and sports companies interested in using Rebound Shoes for their clients. Working exclusively with Kangoo Jumps manufacture since 1998.

    See the Class Listings Here
    Instructors/trainers also sell Kangoo Jumps boots to clients and the public!

    kangoo training for licensing

    kangoo jumps training and licensing
    Kangoo Jumps "certification" does not exist, but there is a licensing of the Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs that is available.

    JumpBoots can get you trained for Rebound Exercise Instruction... Contact JumpBoots to find out more:

    CALL: (310) 848 - 8685
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    kangoo jumps training certification

    kangoo certification in usa
    This program can benefit both individuals and business's alike. The popular program is easy as "Just using your JumpBoots". Contact us for more info.

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