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Kangoo BeltsKangoo Jumps Accessories Bag FREE Shipping!
$35 Kangoo Bag; $15 KJ Belt; $45 Both

Kangoo Jumps Bag

Carry Straps

Kangoo Jumps Parts T-SPRING TS6 XR (pair) FREE Shipping!:
pair XR3; Pro7 & 6; Power

XR Kangoo Jumps T-SPRINGS

Pro7 Kangoo Jumps T-SPRINGS

Pro6 Kangoo Jumps T-SPRINGS

PowerShoe Kangoo Jumps T-SPRINGS

Kangoo Jumps Parts Coil Springs (optional for TS-5 Pro or TS6 XR)FREE Shipping!:
$23 pair metal coil springs

Coil Springs optional XR3 or Pro7

Kangoo Jumps Parts SHELL6 XR (1 unit)Kangoo Jumps Parts SHELL6 XR (1 unit)FREE Shipping!:
unit L/H shell; XH; Power

XR Small/Med Kangoo Jumps L-SHELLS

XR Large/Xlarge Kangoo Jumps H-SHELLS

Pro Large/Xlarge Kangoo Jumps XH-SHELLS

Pro Small/Medium Kangoo Jumps SHELLS

Kangoo Jumps S-SHELLS

Kangoo Jumps Parts LinerKangoo Jumps Parts LINERS Multi size WRP (pair)FREE Shipping!:
pair Kangoo Jumps Inner Liner

X-Small Kangoo Jumps LINERS

Small Kangoo Jumps LINERS

Medium Kangoo Jumps LINERS

Large Kangoo Jumps LINERS

X-Large Kangoo Jumps LINERS

Kangoo Jumps Parts Clamps for Soles (4) FREE Shipping!:
Kangoo Jumps Clamps (set 4)

Kangoo Clamps (4)

Kangoo Jumps Parts Nuts & Bolts 3 PackFREE Shipping!:
Kangoo Jumps nuts/bolts

Nuts & Bolts 3 Pack

Kangoo Jumps Parts SOLE 8 (pair)FREE Shipping!:
Kangoo Jumps XR3; Pro; Power

XR Kangoo Jumps SOLES (pair)

Pro Small/Med Kangoo Jumps SOLES (pair)

Pro Large/Xlarge Kangoo Jumps SOLES (pair)

PowerShoe Kangoo Jumps SOLES (pair)

Kangoo Jumps Parts Straps pairFREE Shipping!:
Kangoo Jumps Straps pair

Kangoo Boots Straps (1) Long (1) Short (Pair)

Kangoo Jumps Parts Buckles All ModelsFREE Shipping!:
Kangoo Jumps Buckles pair

(2) Kangoo Jumps Buckles (Pair)

JumpBoots is your source for all Official Kangoo Jumps Parts and Accessories since 1998! We were the original USA distributor out of our Venice Beach, CA store back in the late 1990's. Now we supply the largest network of Rebound instructors in the US and you get to take advantage of our large inventory of all parts, colors and models.

Not only do we offer FREE SHIPPING, but we offer bulk pricing options on every product and have a Lowest Price Guaranteed for all products sold in our online store. You Win!

All products sold by JumpBoots are backed by 1 Full Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects for the boots and 90 days for all moving parts.

Please contact us if you do not see something or have any questions.

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