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"Thanks for introducing me to Kangoo Jumps. They are the best, I love them As a former Mr. Universe I am always looking for new and fun ways to stay in shape. Kangoo Jumps are now my favorite cardio exercise As a Fitness Pro I am always researching innovative and effective ways for my clients to get fit. Kangoo Jumps are it! They are the best all around exercise in the Universe!!!"

Reviews and Testimonials

"When My wife Alicia Lund told me about the kangoo jumps I thought that may be she would get a pair but not me. When I tried the boots on and walked with them for a few minutes I was convinced. I bought 2 pair, one for my wife and one for me. The main reason I bought them was: October os 2000 I had Spinal surgery, I had Lumbar Decompression and Discectomy for a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus with Spinal Stenosis (Normal terms a Herniated disc L-4 & L-5). Even now after all this time, when I walk because of the impact on the pavement my lower back hurts after about 20 minutes of walking. Since I bought the kangoo Jumps, my wife and I go out walking and even jogging with the boots on and it has not bothered my back at all. In fact my wife timed our jogging run yesterday 5/7/03, and we both ran/ jogged for 25 minutes. I could not believe it, my back did not bother me at all."

Wayne Lund - Vietnam Veteran

"I am 52 years old and have been exercising all of my adult life. I have used treadmills, Nordic Track, stair steppers, ellipse machines, step aerobics and weight training on a regular basis for years. I thought being 52 and gravity was why my legs and butt were getting loose and out of shape.
I have never had such results as I've had in the past year using myKangoo Jumps. I run on my Kangoo Jumps 3 to 4 times a week, and my legs are the strongest and the most toned they've been in years. I have defied gravity, increased my strength and endurance and am proud of the shape I'm in thanks to Kangoo Jumps "

Pat Murray - Redondo Beach, California
"One of the biggest challenges of long distance competitive running is the huge amount of time it takes to properly prepare. I am constantly looking for ways to make my workouts more effective & enjoyable. Kangoo Jumps are the greatest tool I have found for a truly euphoric workout." Jodie Luther

"In the end, no matter what type of exercise you do, it s all about gravity! Low impact rebounding has been described as the perfect exercise because each & every cell in your body benefits. My cholesterol levels have dramatically dropped and my adult onset diabetes is under control, for the first time in years. " Daniel Taylor Marketing Executive

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"I hadn t been able to run or jog for years after my knee surgery Using Kangoo Jumps allows me to run for miles without aggravating these problem areas." Earl Anderson, age: 70 Retired Marine

"I have been conducting power training classes and providing clients with challenging personalized training programs for years For all around fitness and terrific cardiovascular workouts, I love to use Kangoo Jumps in all of my programs they are so much fun. " Jodie Luther Fitness Specialist

"Injuries from a car accident I was in 20 years ago, that never seemed to completely heal, have prevented me from exercising. Even casual jogging would aggravate my condition. Running and aerobic exercises using Kangoo Jumps has been a blessing. I m in better shape than I have been in years. " Dr. David Engle Chiropractor

"What an incredible sensation every time I put on my Kangoo Jumps I start laughing. They are truly hilariously fun to use, even though I know I am getting a very serious workout And what an attention-getter. I love to show off for my grandchildren. " Geraldine Cooper Grandmother

"I hadn t been able to jog or attend aerobic classes for years due to my knee surgery and excess weight. I ve lost over 35 pounds in the past five months and it really feels great to be able to exercise again and to have so much fun at the same time." Lynn Lawrence Psychologist

Hi Alice, "NEWS UPDATE!!! These KJ s are the best! I love them! Not only am I losing weight-but I am losing inches where I want to lose them. I have been on many diets, exercise programs, etc. in the past and have not been able to slim down in those hard to reach spots of my new gorgeous body!! I now can boast of very good AB s and other very important areas of my anatomy that I cherish more and more these days since KJ s. Also, too, using the KJ s have motivated me to make other changes such as diet, etc. My husband (Trevor) and I both enjoy the KJ s more and more each day. Thanks again for bringing them into my life!" Amanda Brittain

November 27, 2002 "Hello, My name is Alice and I would like to share some information with you regarding my experience of Kangoo Jumps! There was a time when I had to roll out of bed and crawl to the bathroom due to the pain in my back, hips and neck. I have osteoporosis and osteo-arthritis. When the Doctors told me live with it-there is nothing we can do-you will need to find a way to stay in bed just accept that! Needless to say that was not what I wanted to hear and furthermore, that is not how I wanted to live my life! I started searching for medications, etc. from other countries-nothing was working. A friend of mine (who is now my partner) saw these funny things called Kangoo Jumps while he was on a business trip in California! He brought back a pair for himself and a pair for me. I took one look and asked him if he was trying to get rid of me! I thought, they were an accident waiting to happen and if I suffered one more broken bone (I already have bone fractures all up and down my spine!) I knew, indeed, that I would live out the life the Doctors described. I talked with the medical people and the manufacturer who explained that they were originally used for rehabilitation! I told them that I was close to 60 I now am over 60 (let s not talk about age here-who counts the years, anyway!). I first started using them in between two chairs in my room-within two (2) weeks I was up and walking, running, and dancing! I have also rebuilt approximately 3% of my bone mass. Now this does not sound like much; however, before the use of Kangoo Jumps, my bone mass was declining to the point of dust! The other issue is I have lost so many dress sizes-the Kangoo Jumps really slim you right down! I also have become quite addicted to my Kangoo Jumps-I wear them everywhere-shopping, cleaning the house, dancing, etc. (no driving!) Keep hopping!!! " Alice

"Hello Denis, Here is my testimony on the Kangoo Jumps concerning my wife. Here it goes.... I meet my wife on Jan 28th, 2002, and the reason for getting together was that I wanted her to do a website for the Kangoo Jumps that I was the state distributor for Colorado.. Before she could appreciate how wonderful the jumps were I told her she needed to try them on so she could experience them...then she would know why I was so excited about them... So I showed up for our first meeting with a pair of jumps that was her size. What I didn't know at the time was that Victoria was partially crippled with Osteoarthritis to the point that for the pass seven years she could not stand up or sit down without pain...walked with a cane and for the last eight years stop hiking in the mountains something she would do almost daily. She got into the jumps just to humor me, not telling me of her medical condition...and bounced around for approx. three minutes. After taking off the jumps she sat down in her office chair which had a four inch cushion on the chair to soften the sitting down and the next thing I notice she started standing up and sitting down again I asked her what she was doing, and she said she just sat down for the first time in seven years without pain... I was shocked that a three minute jump around could do something like that. She kept the shoes and within two months she was working out 20-30 minutes a day... Got rid of her cain, and feels like a different person in terms of mobility... We started walking in the mountains at the three month mark, and got married at the seven month mark...our wedding invitation had pictures of both of us in our Kangoo Jumps, and because of these wonderful jumps we have a beautiful life together. This is the reader's digest version of what happen if you want more detail let me know. Hope all is going well. Best regards, " Dave

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"Well.. I've had the Kangoo Jumps since August, 1998 and have loved them ever since!!!!! The first time I saw them was when I was visiting in Venice Beach, California, and I was hooked immediately!! Since I wasn't able to do step bench or aerobics any longer, these absolutely came at the very best time!! I really thought I died and went to "happy feet heaven"!! :) When I returned home to Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth), I got varied reactions; however, the majority cool!!! After a short time, I was known as the "boot lady"! To this day, I'm still one of the very few people who has the boots in this area! I can't imagine more people not having these boots! Of course, the boots have been improved enormously since 1998; I have to say, that the newest boots, "KJ4-XR", are without doubt, the very best!!!! The fit, comfort, stability, "bounce" and even the color of the boot is so much better!!!! It's like floating on air!! My feet just continue to smile!!!!! :)))))) These boots are one of my most prized possessions!!!!!! I'm 52 (quite young and spry if I do say so!! :) , and am very much into fitness; mainly weight training and the boots for my cardio. I surprise a lot of people when I tell them my age!! I'm on the boots several times a week, for 1-2 hours at a time, using very high powered music! When the weather is cold, I jump on the track at the gym; it's a wide and flat track and really great for jumping! However, when the weather is warm and sunny...look out world..the kid is there!!!! :) I'd rather be outside, but in the winter I have to go inside!!!! I can honestly say, that the boots have changed my life in reference to fitness and health!! The overall workout is tremendous, but the "fun" is even better!! Most people comment to me that I look like I'm having a ball, and that they love to watch me as I go prancing around!! I've even had people tell me that they miss me on the track when I'm not there! I've always carried information with me about the boots. However, since I've gotten the new KJ4-XR boots, I feel even more confident now to refer people to the website! I would say, that the newest boots, truly represent what the boots have meant to be!! I now want to share my feelings about Denis Naville!!! I really can't say enough good things about him!!!! We made contact shortly before I purchased the newest boots; he has been so wonderful and helpful!!! Working with Denis, has made it so much easier to purchase the boots, and with any assistance or help that I've needed for them! I had some concerns about the boots when I first got them. However, he made some good suggestions and that really took care of problems! He's always professional, friendly and really goes out of his way to make sure that I've been satisfied with the boots!! That has meant so much to me and greatly appreciated!!! I know I could go on and on..but I guess this is a good place to stop! But, as long as GOD continues to give me the ability to jump, my feet will keep going and going!!! If I can ever assist in anyway with the boots, feel free to contact me!! Thank you so the staff who created this wonderful product!!!! Very sincerely, " Debi Sugarman......and HAPPY JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

"Hello! Happy New Year! My Kangoo Jumps arrived on Monday, December 30th and I love them. I jogged further than usual and the only thing that slowed me down was my endurance level. However, I know that will improve with time. No pain in my low back during or after jogging. You are a pure genius for people such as me that already have back problems and am in fear of developing hip or knee problems in the future from jogging. Good Luck in your venture! " JoAnne

Jump Canada Sales, Inc. New Westminster, B.C. "Dear Alice, I am still loving the KJ s and all my family, too. Remember, I bought a pair for my wife from you when we were in Burnaby visiting my wife s relatives. I bought another 50 pair for family and friends as they make keeping fit fun and are very exotic! I recommend them to everyone. Alice, you should really come to Kuwaite and help me set up a KJ business! Kindly, " Sattam Al.Rashid, Kuwait-Jabriya

"Dear Denis: If you believe is not necessary for me to order the rubber soles, please delete them from my order but, do send me the spare t-springs. Thanks for your concern. It is good to see a company that cares as much as you do for your costumers. I am enjoying my "Jumps", they are excellent excercise! Sincerely, " Mayra Coleman

"I LOVE my Kangoo Jumps. I'm a 51 year old grandmother diagnosed with a lung disease. I put the boots on and jump for around 10 minutes. Rest and want to do it again and again. It's gotten me off the sofa and feeling excited about exercising once again. I felt it would be excellent for my lymph system since the disease is in my lymph nodes. AND, would expand my lung capacity. " Janice Lewis - KY - U.S.A.

"I would be HAPPY to write and send my personal story for your company. These Kangoo Jumps are really amazing, and they've made such a difference in how much I can run and the quality of that run. As for your company, I have nothing but good things to say about the way I've been treated as a valued customer. I will include this aspect as well because i think that is a crucial component to a consumer's decision-making process. They want to know they can feel good about and trust the company they are giving their money to, supporting, and depending on. I know I do. It can be rare these days to find a company with competent employees who give individual, honest, and responsive attention to their customers. I hope that never changes about this company! Thanks again. " Jamey Farina - Prospect, CT 06712

"Hi Sue - I'm enjoying the Kangoo Jumps so much !! It has really changed my life. So far I've lost 30 pounds - I have 10 to legs and stomach is toning so much - it's amazing - with that said - I did change the way I eat - but I exercise 6 days a week - where I barely could make two days because of my knees - If you have stickers for the Kangoos Jumps for cars I would love to put it on my car - When I believe in something like this and it changes my life - I would be happy to advertise for you!! Thanks!!! Yours Truly!! " Anna Rodriguez

"Hi, Since March 2005, I used Kangoo Jumps boots and I lost more than 15 pounds. I own all of your kangoo jumps DVDs. I have "Urban Rebounding" DVDs and I used the boots instead of rebounder trampoline. I felt more comfortable to wear boots than rebounder trampoline while I exercised. Thank you. Sincerely, " Julie Freitas USA 1st July 2005 Runners Testimonial...

"As a tri-athlete, and runner, I developed an over use knee injury sidelining me from training and competition. I tried running again several times per year, but my knee injury would flare up and the pain would return after only two or three kilometres. The first time I tried running in KJ's, I was amazed that I didn't feel any knee pain. I'm now able to run again, pain free. I have now split my workouts with KJ's (60%)and running shoes (40%) and am feeling stronger than ever. I highly recommend using KJ's to build endurance and speed with amazing recovery time and way less abuse on your body." Brian Lang Brian Lang is a tri-athlete and runner who ran competitively for 7 years. He uses KJ's now for the high oxygen uptake, low impact training, but enjoys them for getting him out of his aqua jogger and back on the road again.

"Alice, Hi again, I am so sorry for not contacting you sooner. I have been very busy with school and, at the same time, sick with the flu. It has been a horrible 3 weeks. I am better now, thankfully. Just to let you know where I am with rehab: Initially, Dr. Leth wanted me to stay off my leg for 6 weeks following the surgery. Once he saw the Kangoo Jumps (I took them to his office), he allowed me to start running after only TWO WEEKS. I HAVE BEEN PRETTY WELL PAIN FREE. Just a slight bit of pain in the knee occasionally after 20 minutes of running. I stop at that point and wait a few days before resuming. I find that I have very little endurance and the Kangoos do make it a bit harder since they weigh more than a shoe. That means that I get a much more aerobic workout with far less speed/distance/shock. It is great! All I have to do is slow down a little and run for the same amount of time that I used to and I still get the same workout I used to get. Far less risk of injury since I am running slower (fewer footfalls per minute) and far less shock. I did some math. If I run 4 KM s in 20 minutes normally (800 footfalls per kilometre) I land 3200 times. With Kangoos, I run at about 75% of my normal speed so I run 3 km s in 20 minutes. That equates to 2400 footfalls. With the shock reduced to only 40% of the norm, in a 20 minute run with Kangoos, I receive only 30% of the normal amount of shock. (2400*0.4/3200=960/3200=.3 or 30%. This equates to far less risk of injury and a far faster recovery rate from the effort. The aerobic benefit is the same for less distance! I love it! I am off to the seawall again this afternoon for another run. I get so many comments about the Kangoos. Everyone wants me to stop and talk about the Kangoos! Thanks again Alice for introducing me to the KJ s. " Peter

March 19, 2003 CROS KJ S Hi, "The KJ S are great; they really help me during warm-ups. I can warm up much faster, and feel I am over my feet much sooner than when I warm up without them. Also, my time on the ice is more productive because the KJ S help me find my center/core before I get on the ice. I can begin performing difficult footwork and other advanced elements almost immediately. However, I am careful not to do jumps until my body has adjusted to not being on the KJ s. My original impression of the KJ S is confirmed each time I use them, and each day, I find new ways to benefit from them. They would be very valuable for students and competitors when preparing for testing or competition because in those stressful situations, injuries are common when skaters haven t warmed up properly. Sincerely, " Sarah DeSimple

"After breaking my knee, I was told I had to stop running forever. Kangoo Jumps have allowed me to continue running. I would be happy to do anything to help you improve your product, they are an absolute must for me! Like I said Kangoo Jumps have meant the difference between being able to continue a life time of running and never running again. I would be honored if you use my testimonial. Please let me know if you need more info on what happened. I am a city manager. I manage the City of Angels Camp, Calaveras County, California. In addition, I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. Last year I completed a two year assignment as a battalion commander. Kangoo Jumps helped me train for the Army Physical Readiness Test where I surpassed the maximum score and set the record for my unit. Believe me that was no easy task for a 44 year old man, and given my knee injury, it would have been impossible without the Kangoo Jumps. " Tim Shearer USA April 2006

"Got my Kangoos today and despite the British weather (lots of rain) I decided to brave it out and give them a go. Being 6ft 3" without the shoes I feel like a giant in them but they were superb, and a quick go round the block soon turned into a 7 mile run. I didn't have the knee support on that I usually wear with my other running shoes and I didn't have the slightest twinge what so ever on my bad knee. I think I am probably the only person with a pair around here as boy did everyone stare and look at them as I was running. No end of kids / teenagers I passed asked me where I got them from and commented, "They are mint". I can't wait to go running in them again. : " Elvis Payne UK March 2006

"Hi Jason, I was probably the last person to buy a pair of boots from you on Sunday at fit camp. Yes, that s me the one with the dodgy ankle. I was diagnosed with arthritis in the left ankle about 10 years ago and the joint is slowly eroding. As the shin bone compacts down on to the ankle I m sure you can appreciate that the pain from exercise is getting slowly worse. Like most men with an injury I haven t taken the medical advice to stop all impact exercising (that would be dull) but continued to exercise at a lower level. I still run occasionally and teach aerobics (the class have to work and I do low impact!) but in the last year my ankle has been far less tolerant. When I read about your boots before going to Fit Camp I was sceptical but after running in them on Saturday for 40 minutes with no pain (cannot remember the last time I did that) I was jubilant. I did your TTR session on Sunday and again no pain. I ve just used them on my treadmill and again no problems even better some friends and family have given me the money to pay for them as a birthday present. Brilliant product! I hope they make you very rich. If you want to use this as a reference or give my e-mail address out to people who want proof of how good they are then feel free. Many many thanks. " Paul Housego (UK) Paul Housego UK March 2006

"I recieved my Kangoo Jumps for Mother\'s Day 2005. I am aged 58. In under a month I am up to 30 minutes of running. I could not get past 2-3 minutes jogging in runners." Alice Samko USA June 2005

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