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Fun Fitness Videos: Enjoy rebounding exercise in your Kangoo Jumps shoe-boots. Videos show How To use them and show several class demonstrations from TV shows featuring this incredible indoor/outdoor activity!

Everyone loves to Jump, Hop, Dance...and lose weight while getting in Great Shape! Videos demonstrate both classes exercises, fun home fitness and How To use, try on, work out and enjoy your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes-boots.

How to Choose Your Kangoo Jumps Model options & sizing video

Fun fitness video shows how to choose the right Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes-boots for you. Enjoy easy to follow explanations of different models.

How to Put on & Check the Fit of your Kangoo Jumps Video

Video demonstrates what to do when you get your brand new Kangoo Jumps and how to check the fit, stand up and get going in this fun exercise!

How to workout and your 1st Workout with Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots Video

Fun video demonstrates your first 15 minute work out using your Kangoo Jumps shoes-boots with easy to follow exercises.

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Jennergy Jump OnStage Demo

Kangoo Jumps on Venice Beach...a JumpBoots Video

Video tour of the Venice Beach Boardwalk on a pair of Kangoo Jumps fun exercise boots...get some attention!

Fox News Video with Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes-boots

Fox news showcases the fun way to enjoy an exercise class with the rebounding shoes-boots by Kangoo Jumps.

How to workout in class with Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots Video

Older video demonstrating the Kangoo Jumps exercise doesn't even change when there is no need!

How to perform basic steps with Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots Video

Follow some of the basic Kangoo Jumps steps that will begin your fun exercise journey...steps still used in todays fitness classes!

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More advanced Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots class Video

Video of Kangoo Jumps Master Class demonstration showing beneficial exercises that will help you get fit and lose weight...while having fun!

Old school Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots Video

Video shows an old clip from the Price is Right show featuring the original Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes-boots in a give-away.

Univision Spanish TV Video showing Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots

Spanish Television video of the Kangoo Jumps fun exercises all over the is a european product!

How to video showing how to workout with Kangoo Jumps JumpBoots

Fun exercise video of one of the higher profile Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes-boots instructors class.

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