Shipping for All Products:
- Daily shipping by 3pm PST most days.
- UPS Ground or USPS tracking will be made available after shipped.
- Contact us by Reply to the copy of your order sent by email.
409 N Pacific Coast Hwy #263
Redondo Beach , Ca 90277


Restocking includes: original shipping cost (it will cost about $22-25 to ship back) and stocking,re-stocking, shipping drop off, shipping return pick-up and boot re-inspection.

* Returns & Exchanges New Models Only * No returns on parts and accessories.
Your Kangoo Jumps (KJs) can be returned for a full refund less the current Re-stocking Fee ($35 USD) if the following applies:

#1 Phone (310-848-8685) or email ( within 24 hours after receiving them.

#2 The proper address will be provided at that time.

#3 You may receive a Return Authorization (RA) at that time.

#4 Refunds will be promptly submitted to your credit card processor less the shipping costs and Re-stocking fee as long as the KJs are:
* KJs were NOT used outdoors; NO signs of wear on Sole or Tsprings.
* Keep all packaging in tact and original box
* Re-pack as New
* outer box is not torn and DO NOT TAPE directly on box when repacking;
* use a shipping box or shipping paper to cover the manufactures KJ box....
* Do NOT use packing Peanuts!!
* $35 Re-stock fee per pair will apply and up to 50% for any return not meeting these requirements.

Original shipping is not Refundable.

Drop us a line below. We would love to hear from you!