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JumpBoots Referral Program - Trainers, Instructors, SPA Packages - Locations - Certifications
This program can benefit both individuals and business's alike. The popular program is easy as "Just using your JumpBoots". Contact us for more info.

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Trainers and Small Group Instructors can take advantage of Special Pricing to outfit 1 on 1 or small group training. Let JumpBoots.com with 20 plus years of experience in working in the Fitness Industry help make your program a success!

CALL: (310) 848 - 8685
Email: MyJumpBoots@yahoo.com

Group Fitness Jumping Classes and Rentals are a growing business and JumpBoots.com can help you take advantage of these exciting classes that promote fitness and well being... beyond just the class. Let us show you how to make JumpBoots Classes and Rentals a profit center for your location!

CALL: (310) 848 - 8685
Email: MyJumpBoots@yahoo.com

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Each of the class instructors/trainers also sell models to clients and the public!

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CALL: (310) 848 - 8685
Email: MyJumpBoots@yahoo.com

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